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Who Is The Mana Centre?

At The Mana Centre, we understand the benefits of living in harmony with nature, and we would love to share our insights with you on a bike ride! With day-to-day life and the stress it throws in our way, taking time for yourself is more important than you could ever imagine. Recharging your batteries while meditating or replenishing your spirit by getting the blood flowing might just be the thing you were lacking.


That's how the whole The Mana Centre idea was born - out of the desire to help people live the good life through connecting with nature and the people around them while creating meaningful experiences. That's why we offer both recreational and therapeutic services.


Along with providing high-quality sports equipment for rent (mountain bikes, fat bikes, and snowshoes), our services also include organizing and hosting corporate activities, school outings, and outdoor intervention programs.

Emmanuelle Larocque

Registered social worker/psychotherapist and certified yoga therapist

Emanuelle is a registered social worker and a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa. She's also an author and a public speaker with a Masters in Social Work and is currently pursuing her Ph.D.


Her expertise in mental health spans more than 20 years. She has always been passionate about alternative and integrative approaches that promote the development of creativity, collaboration, and a balance between mind, spirit, and body.


Her international training in narrative therapy and yoga therapy serves as a framework for the sport and nature-based intervention programs she now offers in the Larose Forest.



  • Sport and Nature-Based Therapy

  • Environmental social work

  • Narrative therapy and collaborative approaches

  • Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness

  • Specialized workshops

  • Conferences

Jean-Sébastien Larocque

registered social worker/psychotherapist and professional bike instructor

Jean-Sébastien has been working in the youth and mental health sector for more than two decades. As a registered social worker and psychotherapist, he holds a Master's Degree in Social work from the University of Ottawa.


Since 2018, his focus has been combining narrative therapy with outdoor therapy, where he offers individual and group counselling in the Larose Forest. Jean-Sébastien also supervises students intrigued to learn more about narrative approaches and outdoor therapy.


Committed to offering new tools to his clients, Jean-Sébastien also obtained his yoga training in Indonesia and is a certified cycling instructor.



  • Narrative therapy and brief approaches

  • Adventure Therapy, Sport and Nature-Based Therapy

  • Couples therapy and family therapy

  • Youth mental health

Loïc Clément

An avid mountain biker from a young age, Loïc knows the Larose trails like no other because, well, he helped build them! Not only does he love the outdoors, but he is passionate about repairing bikes too. If you need advice on our products, Loïc is sure to guide you in the right direction! 

Meet The Team

Meet two social workers with a unique professional journey! Before finding their anchor in the Larose Forest, Emmanuelle and JS travelled extensively and acquire their professional experience in various settings  (hospital, psychiatric, residential and community) and fields (mental health, couple and family therapy, sport and nature-based therapy, etc.). Specializing in narrative and outdoor therapy, they trained across New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada.


They are proud members of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, the Ontario Association of Social Workers Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


The Mana Centre is proud to be included in various media outlets. Take a look at some publications about us or read some of our own publications.


Our Eco-Responsible


The Mana Centre recognizes that the Larose Forest is a precious resource located on unceded Algonquin territory.


We are grateful to have the chance to offer our services in this magical place and are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting an outdoors ethic to help preserve this beautiful Forest.


Eco-responsibility is a process. We are committed to developing initiatives that align with the principles of ecotourism and durability.

The Mana Centre

Mission & Values

Our aspirations are rooted in promoting and encouraging the discovery of outdoor activities while reconnecting with nature and increasing the overall well-being of individuals, families, and our community. We're passionate about promoting physical activity in an outdoor setting.


While adopting a holistic vision of well-being and customer service, we pay particular attention to your needs. Our mission is to make you happier, healthier and connected with nature. Our goal is to promote a philosophy that is inclusive, respectful and ecologically sustainable.

Values We Stand Behind

  • Kindness and respect

  • Collaboration and inclusiveness

  • Professionalism and transparency

  • Social and ecological commitment

  • Innovation

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