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Therapy & Programs

A healthy body is a healthy mind, there is no doubt about it. Our main goal is to guide our clients into a journey of self-discovery and connecting with nature. We aspire to help them find the tools they need to enhance their well-being. We achieve that by offering various therapy programs that combine nature with sports. We also offer traditional psychotherapy and yoga therapy.

Reconnect With Yourself and Rediscover Nature With The Mana Centre

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Although we focus mainly on outdoor therapy, traditional psychotherapy sessions for individuals, couples and families are also available online.

Price: $175 per hour

Sport & Outdoor Therapy

Nature and Adventure Therapy

Nature has a significant impact on the therapeutic process as it is proven to improve emotional, cognitive, behavioural, spiritual and physical well-being. When combining nature with outdoor experiential adventure activities, we promote healing and healthy identity development while allowing you to get in touch with your strengths and life goals.

PRICE: $175 per hour (insurance receipt available)

Sport And Nature Therapy Programs

This innovative program aims to extend the concept of health beyond individualistic approaches. It consists of three main pillars: therapy, eco-education and sport and integrates mind-body therapies, such as yoga and mindfulness, to allow for reconnection to Nature, the Self and Others.


Collaborations with community members, such as a forestry guide, a permaculture expert and local artists, allow participants to extend their knowledge of wellbeing and interact with inspiring members of the community.

PRICE: $800 for 8 sessions (20 hours in total).

It includes bike rental, one vegan meal and guest speakers. Insurance receipt available.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy starts with the idea of the body being capable of self-regulation. With commitment and regular practice, therapeutic yoga allows you to find personal resources and restore the body, mind, emotions and spirit in a state of balance. Our Yoga Therapy is available in individual or group format.

PRICE: $175 per hour (insurance receipt available)
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