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The More The Merrier!

Outdoor group activities are a great way to connect with friends, colleagues or family. You may even learn a thing or two about yourself in the process! Choose The Mana Centre when planning your next group get-together. Our group activities do wonders for both our corporate clients and schools.

Looking to enhance your confidence and stability? No problem, we can handle that too, with our Mountain Bike Skill Training for groups.

Team Building

Show how much you appreciate your employees and their well-being by providing them with a memorable experience in the Larose Forest! Promote physical and mental health with our bike riding activity, mountain-bike course or a yoga & meditation class.


Your activity can be done independently or with the assistance of The Mana Centre professionals, who offer guiding services, bike coaching clinics and outdoor yoga services.


You also have the option of dining in a beautiful gazebo in the Larose Forest.

*Please note that the gazebo and rooms cannot be reserved and must remain accessible to the general public.

School Activities

At The Mana Centre, we strongly believe that the great outdoors offers a number of benefits to the mental and physical health of young people. We take pleasure in welcoming school groups for outings on fat bikes, mountain bikes or snowshoes.


You can also combine snowshoeing and Fatbiking in the winter, and mountain biking with hiking during the summer months!

Mountain Bike Skill Training

If you're looking for a new healthy outdoor activity, or just want to improve your mountain biking skills, The Mana Centre is the right place for you. We offer mountain bike coaching for beginners and intermediates in a private or group format.


Coaching sessions are available for children aged 8 years and older, teenagers and adults of all ages. Lessons are offered by Jean-Sébastien Larocque, certified mountain bike coach (PMBIA). Different formats are available according to your needs.

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